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The Geb 1000 system is meant to be used by large canteens, large supermarkets, hypermarkets and agro-food businesses

The process:
• By thermal dehydration using electric power and an automatic control system.
• The system is using a water recycling process using condensation and controlling humidity in the treatment chamber
• During the operation
• The duration of the process depends on the quantity of refuse and on the degree of humidity.
• It is automatically determined.
• The system stops and waits for unloading when the expected rate of humidity has been reached.
• The time needed for a cycle of treatment is between 18 and 23 hours

• Treatment of alimentary refuse on the spot of production
• Reduction of the volume of refuse between 70 and 90 % depending on the amount of humidity
• Simple, quick and easy system operated by non specialist employees
• No exterior ventilation system
• No connection to tap water
• Easy maintenance
• Treatment without microorganisms, enzymes or extra products or additives.
• The end product is dry and sterile. It can be used as a high quality organic fertilizer
• No effect on the environment

Technical description:
• The refuse stocking container is equipped with a mechanism agitator and a double partition which is isolated
• And contains thermic oil.
• The in and out tight doors minimise odours and limit the use of energy
• The system is equipped with a device managing the flux of air and neutralising odours
• Only an electric plug and a pipe to collect condensation are necessary

All the exterior surfaces are made of polished inox steel

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